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DUE SOUTH (19941999)

@redmyeyes i just got the EXTREME sweats trying to answer this but it’s okay i can be cool.

imagine a drama about a really lonely decent strange Helper who takes his deaf half-wolf from the far north of canadia to chicago and makes friends with a jaded but decent cop who wears amazing outfits and they solve crimes and help street urchins and whatnot. then after two seasons the cop has to go undercover so a new guy comes in to pretend to be the old guy and the new guy is also very lonely and has a very weird energy and experimental hair and gets codependent fast. their two-season arc starts with one asking if the other finds him attractive (‘very much so yes’) and ends with [redacted marriage scenario].

now imagine that the drama you are imagining is actually a screwball pun-laden farce where in the third episode leslie nielson gets out his fart machine. now imagine that that screwball farce is also a magical realism show with ghosts and such who give bad advice. now imagine that all of that is actually a very gorgeously-filmed buddy cop show with lost loves and major character deaths. now imagine it scored by sarah machlachlan and/or the headstones. you are now in the ballpark.