me: my good friend pliny the elder, what is your wisdom for today

my good friend pliny the elder: did you know that asbestos is great protection against both fire and magicians

me: ok thank you pliny i will keep that in mind


thinking abt when pacrim said there are people out there who will have the capacity to know you completely and love you in a way where you genuinely complete each other, VERY much a metaphor for platos concept of two souls splitting from one and then said this is important because you can pilot a huge robot and beat up giant aliens together

horrorlesbians:horrorlesbians:do you think hannibal would murder me if he watched me delicately…



do you think hannibal would murder me if he watched me delicately place chips inside a sandwich and then smash it slowly before eating it

he’d either kill me or ask me why i prefer my sandwiches with chips and i’d shrug and say “i like the crunch”. which would prompt him to say something along the lines of “we often crave a taste more primitive, the crunching between our teeth used to be birthed from the snapping of bones from a fresh kill. is that what you are savoring for? tell me helena, do you hunger for brutality?”

Unpopular opinion





“Skyrim runs on everything” meme is just a shitty knockoff of “Doom runs on everything”. But less funny because people DO genuinely actually get Doom running on toasters and ATMs in real life.

All those pictures are 100% real and unedited.

Here are some more of my favorites:

And of course, playing Doom inside of Doom

“Skyrim is being ported to X” is funny because the implication that Bethesda is trying to squeeze blood from a stone by somehow convincing you you should buy it a 20th time on a ridiculous device

“Hey I got X to run Doom!” is funny because it’s just how computer science majors be and they actually fucking did it, y’all.

capitalism vs passion



historians refer to the time period between the publication of the last sherlock holmes stories in 1927 and the premiere of star trek in 1966 as the great blorbo famine

many people have reblogged to say that I neglected their personal favorite guy. a lot of you have bad taste but I apologize sincerely to jeeves and wooster from jeeves and wooster