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Ooo giiiiiirl

#A list of things I adore about this scene:#1. Christine Chapel is the real ruler of Sickbay and Bones is super chill about it#2. Christine Chapel chucks Bones under the bus as ‘bad cop’ with such ease that we can assume it happens like all of the time#3. She then proceeds to not inform Bones that she’s done this which means that#Bones has zero clue why certain ensigns he’s met maybe twice flee at the sight of him#‘your crew is full of maniacs’ he tells Jim watching Yeoman Martinez break into stutters and literally run away#Two decks down Christine Chapel looks Chekov in the eye and says#‘I once saw Doctor McCoy hunt down and tranquilize a man to give him his vaccinations.  The captain still has the scars.#You better just let me give you the shots now’#Star Trek#TOS#Christie Chapel#Bones McCoy

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I’m fucking crying at those tags

I love love love the idea that bones actually has a really good bedside manner except with Jim because they’re friends and “I had to haul his ass from bar after bar and I got covered in his puke more times than I can count. we got drunk together and I woke up with his elbow on my stomach even more times than that. he’s my friend goddammit, and an idiot. he doesn’t need bedside manners, he needs a goddamn hypo. or, a nanny, but I’m not gonna do that” (and he then proceeds to be his best friend/nanny for the rest of their lives), but he is a bit grumpy and Christine gave him this reputation of the intimidating doctor and well, it is true that he’s haunted the captain down countless times, we’ve all seen them running around the ship yelling at eachother, he does seem like the type, and now the whole crew is scared of him

Meanwhile, in other business: She’s on her authentic Real Nurse Shit here… and is to be commended. (Disclosure: back in the day, I did Real Nurse Shit like this too. Without the slightest breath of regret afterwards. You get your patients/clients to do what they damn well need to do to get better. …And doctors? Doctors are what you use to make sure this happens. If they’re good doctors, you may even tell them about it some time.) 🙂