yknow if romeo had just Cried on juliets corpse for a couple hours instead of drinking poison Right Then they would have been Fine

The moral of the story is: always take time to cry for a few hours before making important decisions.

So I’m more or less being facetious here, but this is actually a thing.

Hamlet is genre savvy. Hamlet knows how Tragedies work, and he’s not going to rush in and get stabby without making absolutely certain he’s got all the facts.

Except once he thinks he has all the facts – once he’s certain that it really is the ghost of his father and Claudius really did kill him, he rushes in and stabs the wrong guy, which starts a domino line of deaths and gets Laertes embroiled in his own revenge tragedy and ultimately results in the deaths of nearly every character other than Horatio.

That’s the irony and the tragedy of the story. Hamlet knows his tropes and actively tries to avoid them, and the tropes get him anyway. It’s inevitable, the tropes are hungry.

I want a sticker that says the tropes are hungry so I can put it on my laptop

i met a scholar once who said that tragedies aren’t about a silly “flaw” or anything, it’s about having a hero who’s just in the wrong goddamn story

if hamlet swapped places with othello he wouldn’t be duped by any of iago’s shit, he’d sit down & have a good think & actually examine the facts before taking action. meanwhile in denmark, othello would have killed claudius before act 2 could even start. but instead nope, they’re both in situations where their greatest strengths are totally useless and now we’ve got all these bodies to bury.

The tropes are hungry and the hero is in the wrong goddamn story.

I love this post.







Beatrice and Benedict are same-sex leaning disaster bisexuals who are both extremely surprised when they end up falling for someone of the opposite sex.

exeunt-pursued-by-a-bear said:

hot take: beatrice saying “he hath EVERY month a new sworn brother” about benedick is her teasing him for just having an endless string of boyfriends

Yes. Good. Excellent. Just as Shakespeare intended.



I would also like to add that ‘And a good soldier to a lady. But what is he to a Lord?’ is Beatrice asking for confirmation that Benedick is a bottom

David Tennant and Catherine Tate best encapsulate the bi disaster vibes each of them give

Look at these dorks

“he is no less than a stuffed man” is ALSO beatrice confirming benedick’s a bottom and you can quote me on that

Benedick wearing a mask: A buddy of mine saw Benedick take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Benedick had an eight pack, that Benedick was shredded.
Beatrice: Your friend’s a liar, man. Benedick’s a punk bitch.