daily dose of granada holmes: i live for this outfit

january 29, 2023

two observations on the middle screenshot: Granada are still putting mirrors everywhere they can get away with it, and Holmes has his Favoured Weapon!

This is an overlap between Holmes Stuff and Horse Stuff so I obsess over it a bit: if he anticipates having to fight in melee, he carries what the text calls a ‘loaded’ hunting crop. You can see from the picture what a hunting crop is, it’s like an ordinary riding crop but it’s got a handle on it (which is useful for things like opening gates without dismounting, in places where it might not be convenient to get back on). ‘Loaded’ in this sense means that it’s been modified to make the handle end a lot heavier, probably by adding lead. So if you hit someone with it, he’d really know about it. In The Red-Headed League he does indeed take it with him to the bank vault.



There is no shame in loving without abandon. ✌️❤️

And the real trick to it is falling madly in love with literally everything. Gomez Addams isn’t just madly in love with Morticia, he’s madly in love with his house, with his train set, with his kids, with his brother, with his weird normie neighbors, with literally everything. Different kinds of love for each, but love all the same. For having such morbid tastes, Gomez is madly in love with life. THAT’S how you land a Morticia, by being unapologetically and madly in love with everything around you.








do y’all remember before direct messages tumblr had a dumbass ask limit of 10 per hour and communication was impossible until they introduced dumbass fan mail and we were basically sending telegraphs back in forth trying to communicate those were…dark times

Do y’all remember when they finally gave us direct messages and instead of doing it normally, they gave it to a few people at a time and we had to infect each other with it like a virus

remember when any post with more than like 6 people talking was unreadably smushed except for the last few additions remember when any post of over 500 characters became a link back to op’s blog readmore style remember when video and audio posts had about a 10% chance of working when you click play

As a recent user I love finding out shit like this from older users. What the fuck guys???? Why were you USING IT AT ALL?!??

believe it or not, we liked that more

its worth noting that immediately after these updates that made everything better, we were all angry about it