The mystery of icon-preserving bees

For a decade, a beekeeper near Athens, has kept a tradition: every spring, he slips icons of Christ, the Holy Virgin and different saints in his beehives, in order to bless his bees and his yearly honey production. And every year, the very same mysterious phenomenon occurs: bees make their honeycomb cells around the pious images, meticulously avoiding covering them. 


Every x files episode is just *Mulder and Scully take turns staring at each other’s mouths* *Mulder and Scully argue about their theories while standing in the same square foot of space* *Mulder guides Scully into a house with his hand on her back* *Mulder and Scully interview the suspect while glancing at each other like high schoolers trying to ask each other to prom* *welp guess he got away!* *Mulder and scully write equally flowery reports about the nature of humanity*





An abandoned potato sorting station near Krasnosilka, Ukraine with a unusual, cantilevered design. The concrete block at the end forms the counterweight of the structure, creating the impression it floats over the fields.

Photographer unknown.

we can build shit like this everywhere all the time and yet we don’t, humanity has failed

baba yaga

I want to live in an abandoned potato sorting station near Krasnosilka, Ukraine