Jesus is the definition of Chaotic Good and you can fight me on this

I mean:




I got up this morning and churned some cultured butter, made baked beans with pulled chicken, baked a cream cheese cake, and made this gorgeous loaf. I’ve used every bowl in my kitchen like…twice. 

my name is sam
its not yet lite
i wak up now
altho its nite

wen tumblr kids
ar stil in bed
i early ris
i bak the bred

My name is sam
And thys is true:
I bak the bred
When dawn is du
My reasyning
Is solid, though;
I fear Night Cow
Would lik the dough. 


The precision art of creating hobo nickels is alive and well in the skilled hands of British artist Shaun Hughes (previously featured here). These particular pieces each show off Hughes’ fondness for carving beautiful floral scrollwork designs on the portraits or backgrounds of coins.

Twisting through the portraits or creeping into the backgrounds, the fine lines give the currency new depth. With incredible detail and precision Hughes transforms these small-denomination coins into pieces of fine art, many of which are for sale via eBay.

Check out Hughes’ YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram for more photos of his excquisitely carved coins and videos of his painstaking process:

[via My Modern Met and Colossal]






It’s always kind of funny when the Powerpuff Girls, in fanart, are drawn with fingers and noses and toes and stuff and it’s like…they legit don’t have those in canon. It’s not just a style choice, they actually don’t have fingers and noses.

I mean, apparently Buttercup just sticks her hand to things to pick them up (S03E29 Criss Cross Crisis)

And in Oops, I Did it Again (s06E04B) the girls, when made without Chemical X, come out “normal” and do have fingers, feet, noses, and normal faces.

So like…when everyone in the show calls them “bug-eyed freaks,” “pumpkin heads,” etc, they legit mean the girls have big round heads, giant eyeballs, and stump limbs.

I think it’s safe to say that the Powerpuff Girls are objectively horrifying. I want to see fanart of that.


alright i realise im a little late to the party here but going back to how the girls are able to grip things despite not having fingers


at first i thought maybe they could have tiny hooks at the end of the stumps that would snag onto surfaces, similar to cats tongues ( and yeah alright spiderman ) but the issue is that they probably wouldnt be effective for smoother surfaces


they could also have wrinkled pads like geckos feet that could cling to smoother things no problem, but then the problem is maintaining enough suction to actually lift and carry an object

i fear the solution may be something even Worse


this better not take any more wild turns