oh my god? the x files-fandom was the fandom that invented the word ‘shipping’? JESUS CHRIST I LOVE Y’ALL

Yes, back in the early days, there were two camps of fans: “Relationshippers” (people all about the MSR) and the “NoRomos” (people all about the platonic partnership.) Relationshippers was eventually shortened to “shippers.”

The X-Files popularity just happened to parallel the birth of the internet. Philes took it by storm with the creation of fan forums, chat groups, and hundreds of websites devoted to the show, characters, and the actors. 🙂

The X-Files fandom also coined the term UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) as a fanfic descriptor. 😀 Fandom history is pretty neat.

fruck man

Man X-Files was my intro to fandom and fic and it shaped me so much

You know this post?

It’s true! But the corollary is, “And if not Star Trek, probably X-Files.”

No, people don’t come to Marvel movies for personal life subplots, no.

Anthony Mackie, failing to realize that a significant portion of the Marvel fandom would kill for a “the Avengers go grocery shopping” series


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That’s why we write fanfic.

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