hate when people think I know stuff. I dont know anything, I just use Google. I Google simple words because they look like they’re spelled wrong and I cant be sure. I Google how to boil eggs every time I do it. this is who I am.

My boss asked me how I figured out that two of our donors were probably connected through their kids attending school together.

Me: They both had unusual last names, so I googled their last names together. Both surnames showed up on on a Lacrosse team for a high school in the region where they live. 

Him: *joking* So we pay you to Google? 

Me: Technically you pay me to be better at Google than you are.

Him: Yeah, seems fair. 

This is also me, but like, mostly I Google to see if our donors have died so that we don’t write to them and upset their families because uhh we want their money and not to upset them.

It does mean I’m in the situation where we get a regular donation from someone who’s been dead for some time AND I have a photo of their gravestone but like, we have no way to get in touch with any of their family to say “oh hey, fyi we are still getting this donation every year, maybe there is a bank account you didn’t know about”