Austin Powers adaptation that focuses on Austin’s emotional reaction to being frozen for over 50 years. He tries to go find old friends and loved ones from his time, but they’re all very old now and many of them no longer believe in the radical projects of the counterculture movement and are now actively working against the very things they fought for during the 60s. Meanwhile, he sees all around him people still fighting for the very same things against states that have become more and more effective at suppressing the radical leftist ideas that he holds dear. He becomes disillusioned with the cat and mouse game between himself and Dr. Evil, where an evil capitalist supported by the systems of the state fights against representatives of that same state. His dreams of a better world dashed by suppression, subversion, and apathy. Austin Powers then goes rogue, fighting against not only Dr. Evil, but the same secret government agencies he once allied himself with in an attempt to affect real change from outside the system. And also he fucks a woman named Peg Ingyu or some shit.

#okay but we’re going to call it Shagfall or something