Thor’s intelligence is often overlooked.

Okay but for real though.

Like, I could come up with a bunch of examples of Thor being hella smart, but let’s go with the most obvious one in this movie.

Thor specifically told the Guardians NOT to go to Knowhere. He told them they wouldn’t be able to stop Thanos from getting the Reality Stone anyway, and knew 100% that he needed to be more powerful to face him.

Not only was he right in the sense that, with Stormbreaker, he came super close to defeating Thanos with all 6 Stones, but also, if the Guardians had all gone with him to Nidavellir instead, Thanos wouldn’t have captured Gamora, he wouldn’t have found the Soul Stone, and he would’ve had to face the Avengers AND the Guardians on earth with one less Stone.

Moral of the story: Thor is INCREDIBLY smart and 100% knows what he’s doing, and people need to start paying attention to him more.


I have lived many ages of men, Steven. Centuries without end. I have seen many great men, and known countless honors. But the greatest honor of this ancient and tired soul has been the privilege of fighting beside you, and calling you my friend. 

Thor v3 #11 (2008)






After everything that happened in Ragnarok, imagine Thor hearing about Steve and Tony’s fight and being like “Really?! Thats why you all stopped working together?! Just get over it! I did! I’m still friends with Loki and he’s betrayed me three times since breakfast! This petty mortal shit is nothing!”

Loki: “Can confirm, poisoning his mead right now.”

Thor: “Ha! I’ve built up an immunity.”

Now I feel I was cheated on Civil War

Steve: “Well, we disagreed about this big political thing, and I mean big – almost every country in the world was involved.”

Thor: *nodding* “Right.”

Steve: “So we started to fight, I mean really fight.  We each had about half a dozen friends backing us up.”

Thor: *nodding* “Always best to bring your friends along”

Steve: “And by the end, it was just me and Tony, and we… we really pounded each other…. no holding back.”

Thor: *nodding* “The most honorable way to fight”

Steve:  “So now we’re not friends anymore.”

Thor: “… you lost me.”