Captain America would have loved to have helped Thor take on Hela. Unfortunately, he had jury duty,“ Waititi joked. “I was once on a jury in New Zealand where 17 avocados went missing from a local farm. We never found the culprit.”

He pointed out that while Spider-Man wanted to help, he is still in high school. “He couldn’t get his Aunt May to write a note saying ‘Peter Parker can’t come to class today because he’s on another planet fighting gods’.”

Tony Stark was busy as well, but his clothes and glasses do appear in the film.

“Black Widow would’ve pitched in with Thor if she had been free at the time, but she wasn’t free at the time,” he said, maintaining a straight face the whole time. “She was a prisoner for stealing 17 avocados from a local New Zealand farm… wait a minute.

Taika Waititi on why the Avengers couldn’t star in Thor Ragnarok
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There’s no form of headcanon that I more consistently struggle with than headcanons about politics, like, I just cannot believe that literally every member of the Avengers is going to vote for Bernie Sanders 

BUT HAVING SAID THAT, I am a hypocrite and do care deeply about Thor and politics, where he doesn’t really care about American government (and come on, he’s royalty, there’s got to be a part of him that’s like “what’s with this election bullshit, Jane, explain democracy to me once more,” and Jane’s like “WE DON’T HAVE DEMOCRACY, WE HAVE AN OLIGARCHY OF THE RICH AND POWERFUL,” because, yeah, this little anti-military, space and alien loving hippy living in her van is probably half socialist, half conspiracy theorist), but Thor is PASSIONATE about:

  1. The political goings on of every Nordic state 
  2. The local government of the small town he and Jane settled in

He is the worst person to have at your local town meetings. He does not believe in the two minute slot for speaking. He has memorized Robert’s Rules of Order and every part of the local tax code. He understands how many trucks were supposed to be going up and down this road, and he doesn’t understand why the city council has not dealt with that. No, he won’t sit down, he’s still talking. He has opinions about the town parks. They are too small.