James T. Kirk:

-Graduated in the top 4% of his year
-was bullied by jocks
-Is a history nerd
-was so much of a teacher’s pet that he cheated on an exam and was commended for it
-Was referred to as “a stack of books with legs”

Jean-Luc Picard:

-Spent all his free time drinking in pubs and playing billiards
-broke more hearts than he can remember
-started a bar fight that ended up in him being stabbed in the heart
-likes to explore dangerous ruins of ancient civilizations for fun
-wouldn’t even have become a starship captain if he wasn’t this much of a hothead

And yet people still manage to get it backwards???

I think it’s a problem of First Officer, really.

Jim Kirk seems like a wild man because he’s standing next to calm, logical Spock.*  

Meanwhile, Picard seems stately and dignified because he’s standing next to Will “Any alien physiology is bangable if you just put some thought into it” Riker*.  

* Of course THEN, we get to the next layer, which is that Spock is the dude who told the Vulcan Science Academy to fuck itself, while Riker plays the trombone.

The Federation is a confusing place.