Sci-fi often starts rambling at the dinner table and gets these really weird, convoluted ideas about something and Science really wants to reach out and squeeze its hand and explain where its logic is flawed, but Science does so love to listen to Sci-fi talk. Even if much of it is complete nonsense, it often articulates it so beautifully and then, occasionally, it will say something absolutely brilliant and Science will be struck speechless, standing up abruptly and wandering off to spend the rest of the night thinking. Sometimes, in the morning, Sci-fi will wake to Science pacing across the bedroom floor, breathlessly excited to show off what it has created – an astonishing approximation/translation of what Sci-fi had been rambling about the night before. 

Often, Science will work really hard and fruitlessly at something for no real reason other than because Sci-fi thought it was cool – and Science loves making Sci-fi happy. In return, Science will sit down in the evening and discover that Sci-fi was paying attention to it and has done it homage in its latest paperback – something that delights and flatters Science so much that they have steamy sex all night long and produce thousands of inspired scientists and writers as offspring. 

What am I even shipping right now but somehow this was so cute??

Remember my first and only ill-advised foray into shipping fan-fiction? 

Oh my god that’s adorably amazing