Everyone watches MARIANNE as she plays and sings. Behind
them we see BRANDON entering. But he stays in the shadow of
the door and no one notices him. CLOSE on his face. He gazes
at MARIANNE with an unfathomable look of grief and longing.
He breathes in deeply. [x]

#zero to OH NO in eight seconds #starring colonel christopher(!) brandon #who resolutely sets up camp in the friend zone like I BELONG HERE #and when his friends are like ‘u should ask her out’ he’s still like NO. I BELONG HERE. #GONNA CARE FOR HER WELLBEING BUT FROM AN ACCEPTABLE AND CONSENTING DISTANCE#AND FADE THE FUCK AWAY #and lo he doth fade the fuck away #until marianne has to practically spell it out to him that she’s subscribed to his newsletter #most ardently subscribed to his entire back catalogue in fact#and she’s very interesting in hearing more thnk u (via @harrietvane)