I’ve just discovered that John Light recently got his hair cut REALLY short, and it looks TERRIBLE. (Link) And now I’m scared that train kisses with Felicia will be forever marred by Flamby’s oddly prescient Steve Jobs cosplay.

Edit: Even though it is now a lot harder to thirst after him, I find the fact that John Light’s potential mid-life crisis (cause if it wasn’t him going bald or doing it for a role, it’s a possible explanation)  might consist partly of him getting a terrible hair cut and wearing denim-on-denim (with rolled cuffs, no less) is funny as hell, and I’d like to imagine Flambeau going through a similar mid-life crisis

@herdivineshadow said: Haha here I was thinking that he was looking particularly great and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was – I thought maybe the glasses, but what if it’s the short hair?

My thought is that it’s probably the glasses, considering that his performance in the Thom Pain (trailer) with glasses is probably the most attractive he is ever been in anything ever. But to be fair, some of the  short hair pictures do look better than others, so it might not be that bad.

TURNS OUT I think I was probably thinking about this photo and it is a bit the glasses, because I don’t like the dark framed ones and this one has clear frames, but mostly yes the short hair.