Queer Eye for the Hawk Guy (2/?)


Tan: It belonged to the bad guys!

Bobby: Yeah, think of it as rescue mission.

Antoni: What happened to the dog?

JVN: The dog is now named ‘Lucky’ and spends all his time with Clint and Kate. He has one eye and likes to eat leftover pizza.

JVN: Oh my God. They included pictures of Lucky ‘helping’ Clint with repairs around the apartment building


Antoni: Guys, I have a new favorite Avenger. 

JVN: At the end of this week, Clint will be attending a gala for the sixth anniversary of the Battle of New York. 


JVN: So while Clint really just wants to use this week to help out his tenants, Kate is hoping that the Fab 5 will help boost Clint’s confidence. 



Let them all come, Clint. Let every last one of those tracksuit-wearing, sub-verbal, bullying, murderous scumbags come at us. Because you and me? Together? Together, Clint, I think you and me are the persona we both wish we could be, and I know that person. I know that person is worth something. I know that persona can… can pretty much do anything.

a movie that should really exist  Hawkeyes, starring Nyle DiMarco as Clint Barton and Arden Cho as Kate Bishop.


‘hey Hawkeye, lookin’ like a lyric out of a less awful 80s song.’

‘katie-kate what does that even mean is this one of those pound sign aesthetic things you kids like.’

‘i know that you know it’s a hashtag–’

‘then you should know that I know that you know I know that, and I am just being irritating, which is fair ’cause you do it to me all the time.’

’……………yeah ok that’s fair.’