if I was hannibal and someone accused me I would be like “really? is it because of my name? I was under the impression that we were all adults here, but it seems i was mistaken.” and they would be so embarrassed they would have no choice but let me go




i am once again thinking about the fact that they used so much fake blood on hannibal that mold started growing on the bottom of the sets. like that means something right

something something this place is rotting from the weight of the blood spilled here etc etc

Listening to Hozier and like the only reason I know what a shrike is is because of Hannibal and I feel like someone has to be doing a fanvid to this song.



Okay Cannibalism aside

snooty, pampered man who wears designer clothes and attends the opera and hosts five-course dinners with those in the academic community who respect and envy him while he quotes Archaic Latin at them

falling for

outdoorsy, cabin-living fly fisherman who hasn’t combed his hair in probably five years, wears nothing but comfy sweaters and adopts stray dogs constantly until he has a pack of them following him at all times

is like the greatest dynamic

you know its gonna be a great post

when it starts with

“cannibalism aside”