i didn’t realize how much i needed this article until i read it

I was prepared to ask “Have none of you ever seen a clown car being loaded?” and share a video of how they do it, because it’s quite impressive. But then I went to youtube and couldn’t find any videos of it. 

There are plenty of videos of the result, and plenty of videos of some real amateur hour clowns faking it, but I couldn’t find any footage of a professional clown car being stuffed. And I had to sit back and take a long, hard look at my life, because I have seen multiple videos of clown cars being stuffed, and I wasn’t sure for a moment where I’d seen them.

But then I remembered I went to circus camp for three years running as a young teen, and I’m pretty sure the clowning class had video demonstrations because we weren’t allowed, as vulnerable adolescents, to actually stuff a car ourselves. 

The videos exist, you guys. I just can’t prove it. The clowns will have their secrets.