“It was important for me to cast characters who reflected who these characters were from the different countries and I really wanted them to use their natural accents. Funny, so many of them said “should I get a dialect coach to make me sound a little more English?” and I was like “No, I love the way that you speak.” And what was so beautiful on set is how much they spoke each others languages and in hearing that in rehearsals and in their conversations, I just thought how beautiful it would be to bring that into the actual film and so that was something we all embraced and let them be free, sometimes talk in English and sometimes talk in their natural language. The fact that they all understood each other talking all these languages, I had to often, you know, when I would say cut, I was like “what did you say?””

— Gina Prince-Bythewood on the diversity of the cast of The Old Guard (2020) (x)