Okay, while I do like the idea of Fraser and Kowalski finding each other in the great northern wilderness, I really like the idea that Fraser and Kowalski are just so clueless and hopeless and uncertain about approaching each other romantically that it take’s Vecchio’s first visit up to set them up with each other.  

For the first couple of days, Vecchio’s all like, “Okay, I was pretty sure Benny swung both ways but I can’t believe he’s sleeping with Kowalski and then, as the days pass, his dawning horror he realizes that these two morons have been living together in close quarters for months and neither has made the first move yet and God I don’t believe I, the only heterosexual in this plumbingless shack now has to get my adopted quirky younger brother to hook up with this punk that I like, but only grudgingly and dear lord I hope they wait until I leave to start going at it because there’s only one room in this place.