i love that when poe says “that droid has a map that leads straight to luke skywalker” finn says “oh you gotta be kidding me”, implying he knows exactly who luke is and that he’s important. i love that when finn mentions luke to rey she says “luke skywalker??? i thought he was a myth” implying she knows exactly who luke is and that he’s important. i love that luke skywalker is a legend, a myth, a celebrity. do you think he has fans

I like to think that not only is he famous but that because he’s so elusive he’s actually reached cryptid status in the star wars universe. people host parties when a new blurry photograph comes out, get into debates over whether he really exists or not, skywalker-sighting hotspots are full of tourists and conspiracy theorists wearing shirts with a lightsaber on that say ‘I want to believe’ in block capitals.

there’s a popular show where three guys run around the deserted places on various planets that have reported “Skywalker sightings”

it’s mostly just them interviewing crazy yokels who claim they saw Luke Skywalker eating leaves somewhere then going out in the dark and scaring themselves shitless claiming they hear lightsaber noises

Leia hasn’t missed an episode since it began airing

One day they interview this weird guy who swears he saw Luke and keeps pointing them in different directions and saying impossible stuff like “he was on that cliff breathing fire”, “he is actually an android and he gets spare parts over there”, “he levitated into that mountain range and came back carrying an actual mountain”. Eventually the three guys just dismiss him as insane and leave.

When Leia watches that episode at the rebel base she can’t stop laughing. That was actually Luke.