A Christmas Carol is so wild to me because it takes not one, not two, but like four fucking ghosts to convince this dude not to be the biggest douche in the universe. Like, four fucking ghosts came back from the dead, rose from the Goddamn grave to be like, “I came back from the dead because you need to quit your shit.” Fuck. How big of an asshole do you have to be to have four fucking ghosts tell you to stop?

Have you ever met a rich capitalist

Also, one of those ghosts was a rich capitalist douche. He needed to reform Scrooge to work off his own sentence, didn’t he?

Marley’s ghost basically told Scrooge that if he kept being a greedy douchebag he would go to hell and Scrooge still needed convincing and that honestly is 100% believable to me

That an old rich white guy being told “Your going to hell unless you help the poor” would respond by going “I still kind of want to NOT help the poor tho?”

Charlie Dickens knew what was up.

Dickens had to work in a factory hos entire childhood. His father was thrown in a debtor’s prison. Thats why all his stories are about rich fucks getting owned.

Fun fact: There’s one particular bit in the original version of A Christmas Carol that never gets put into film adaptations. After Marley’s ghost leaves, Scrooge looks his bedroom window and sees dozens of other ghosts in the streets, all dragging the same kind of chains Marley had. The narration makes it explicit that these are the ghosts of other privileged people who ignored or exploited the poor and are therefore condemned to walk the Earth witnessing human suffering forever.

It took way more than four ghosts to get Scrooge to shape his shit up.

That bit actually got put into one film that I know of: Scrooge, the 1970 movie musical with Albert Finney in the title role and Sir Alec mother-kriffing Guinness as Marley (music by Leslie Bricusse, whose credits also include the following year’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). On his way out, Marley carries Scrooge out the window and into the midst of the suffering bastards, to a short tune called “See the Phantoms” (”…filling the sky around you/They astound you/I can tell/These inhabitants of Hell”). I’ve never had actual nightmares about that scene, but it’s engraved on my brain just the same.