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OPERATION PAPERCLIP, a pure silvery silver with borealis sparks. X-Files inspired, limited edition.
Mark your calendars for 9 AM EST on 2/15! The exclusive X-Files box extras will be available (Genome/Starlight/Without A Trace/Colonization/Conspiracy of Silence/Purity Control/Sanctum/Mellifera)
IN ADDITION, THERE ARE “EXPANSION PACK” EYESHADOWS!!! I’ve formulated an additional 8 eyeshadow colors (Belief, Skeptic, Immortal, Covert, The Syndicate, Operation Paperclip, Hydrid, Abduction), that will be available in limited quantities. These colors are available in two formats:
A) A sample baggie set of all 8 shades
B) Deluxe sample jars with no sifter, and full top and bottom labeling. These contain 1/4 tsp of product and due to the additional labeling, will be $3.50 each. Option B will also be available in sets, so you can order all with a single click.

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