I love how it’s “The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and MISTER Hyde” as in, yeah, they are basically two sides of the same person but only ONE has a doctorate

#unless your bitch ass second personality helped you write that thesis it is your fucking doctorate 

doctor banner and mr. hulk




Remember in like 2013 it came out that Samsung smart TVs were revealed to be “always listening” and the data collected being sent to Samsung and it was an entire whole scandal about home privacy and the unethical collection and sale of marketing information.

Then the very next year the Amazon Alexa comes out and its practically sold as Your Friend The Data Collection Device, but its ok because this one has a soft human voice and is literally designed to be anthropomorphised. Who could stay mad at Alexa? “She” even has a people name!

This is so sad Samsung TV play Despacito

There’s the reblog I was looking for