There isn’t much to Rachel, Nevada (population: 54), the town closest to the secretive Area 51 military base. Not even a gas station. And there’s very little else to see along the Extraterrestrial Highway until you arrive here, so the lights of the Little A’Le’Inn are all that illuminate this desolate stretch of Nevada outback. 

Area 51 itself is difficult to find, as it’s not listed on maps, and the faint roads leading to its encircling barrier fences are rough and muddy. A traveler can only hope to spot something unexplained in the sky, but all we saw that day were thunderclouds carrying in a heavy rainstorm. 

I want to go to here

I have wanted to visit this town since I read about it in an X-Files book, like over 20 years ago.

Mainly to take my photo next to the town sign.




The best cover for Bruce Wayne would be dumb carefree playboy who is also Instagram Optimistic, everyday he’s posting a selfie of his smiling at his breakfast with a caption like “it’s a waffle day! #goodvibesingotham #grateful” or a picture of a sunrise with a caption that’s just “wow #blessed” 

Bruce Wayne ending up as Gotham’s favoured son because he may be an idiot, but he’s a cheerful idiot, and he donates tons to charity and genuinely loves Gotham and actually, truthfully does put a lot back into the city. And his instagram is a bright ray of sunshine, and honestly there are a lot of people in the city who get surprisingly defensive of their Dumb Carefree Playboy because, okay, sure, every month or so Bruce Wayne falls off a yacht or sleeps with a reporter or whatever. The man clearly never met a healthy coping skill even once in his life.

But as far as news regarding Gotham’s prominent citizens go, Bruce’s ‘scandals’ are so normal that it’s downright refreshing. When a headline has ‘Bruce Wayne’ in the title, you know you’re either going to read some Celebrity Gossip level non-drama, or else something to do with a charity. Maybe he’s been kidnapped again, but that’s only happened a few times. Bruce Wayne news is like the Gotham equivalent to special reports about dogs who rescue their owners from drowning, or raccoons who’ve figured out how to get past the new self-locking garbage can lids.

And there’s something weirdly reassuring about following his twitter. Like, if Bruce Wayne is tweeting about a really neat old tree he just saw, things must at least be sort of alright.

(Meanwhile, Bruce’s social media persona is 100% him flanderizing Clark.)

Special Report – Billionaire Bruce Wayne Adopts Another Orphan: “I Love Being a Dad”







y’all are missing out on the real dream fancast for aziraphale and crowley


*slams hands down on table* yessssss

#…OH MY #yes #gbbo #pratchett#does this mean Paul and Mary are the Two Horsepersons of the Apocalypse


And I beheld, and lo, a black horse; and he that sat on him had a bread-knife in his hand. And I heard a voice say, This is under-proved, and that is over-baked; and see that thou blend thy flavors wisely.

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse: and her name that sat on him was Judgement, and Dismissal followed with her. And power was given unto her over the earth, to bake, and to taste, and to examine, and to diplomatically criticize.

And I saw under the judging table the souls of them that baked: and they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, dost thou not judge and avenge the sweat of our brow on them that write the technical challenges?

#and the Lord spake unto the angel that guarded the tent#saying ‘Where is the biscuit that was given unto thee?’#and the Angel finished her milk and said#I had it here only a moment ago#must have put it down somewhere#forget my own head next#and the Lord did not ask her again