If you could pick an academic field to study out of sheer interest and not the bludgeoning despair of trying to survive capitalism, what would it be? I’d definitely definitely!! do astrophysics.

I did this! Kind of.

For me it involved looking at all the universities within about an hour and a half’s travel time on public transport and seeing what they had that sounded interesting. Which was a lot! And I had kind of settled on forensics when I realised that haha no I can’t do another undergraduate level degree because then I would have to pay the international student level fees because I already have the computer science/software engineering degree and like, my Mum was very generously funding further study for me but I wasn’t going to ask her for that kind of money.

So I ended up doing a Masters in Religion, Politics and Conflict Resolution and like, it was really interesting and a good idea at the time and THEN stuff happened in the world and it was “Oh no. I understand more about what’s going on now and cannot coast by in blissful ignorance. I have miscalculated.” 

So like, maybe I should have done the Goth degree they were offering instead.

I would love it if people could study whatever they liked because like, it was great. I want to learn all the things!