X-Files/IT crossover where we don’t even see Pennywise on screen because Scully’s sloshing through the sewer, exasperated, like, “Mulder, this is ridiculous. You have me wading through public sewage in Derry, Maine of all places, looking for a clown that eats kids? And for what?”

“Not a clown. Some kind of… entity. You’ve seen Hanlon’s research, Scully. Every twenty-seven years!”

Approximately every twenty-seven years. We’re dealing with a cult at worst, and not even a particularly punctual one. I mean, come on, Mulder, wolfmen? Lepers? A giant bird? These are the absurd hallucinations of a bunch of frightened kids, kids who might never find peace because we’re down here in the dark looking for some kind of Boogeyman instead of up there finding out what’s really causing all this.”

And before Pennywise can even think to, like, turn into Mulder’s sister or whatever somebody who writes good stories would do with this idea, It’s just shriveling up slowly in the background because Scully’s non-stop roasting It at full volume from literally the second they get to the Town House.