HOLD UP. Steve probably couldn’t drink coffee pre-serum because it did shit to his heart. Like, he’d try drinking a cup, but then his heart would start beating so fast that he felt like it was about to explode and he’d tremble so violently that Bucky would have to hold him down ‘cause he was legit worried that Steve would shake his own atoms into nothingness. 

Post-serum, he goes ham. He drinks 3 pots, and stands in the corner, eyes wide and silvery. Bucky asks if he’s okay. “When I am inevitably sent to Hell, I will fight the Devil and come out the victor,” Steve whispers. 

“Dude, holy shit.” 

I find this idea adorable.

But on the flip side, bold of you to assume that pre-serum Steve ever once held himself back from something out of consideration for his own health.