Someone invites Crowley over for shabbos after seeing him alone in the back row during service and he spends the next few decades making sure they get new shoes and gift baskets on the appropriate holidays. 

“Yeah, that’s uncle Crowley. His granddad had dinner with our family once and now his family’s just like weird cousins. Always wears black; he’s either orthodox or his whole family’s been very goth for, like, ever” –one of the family’s kids at torah study

See, this is Excellent, but I also like “Yeah, that’s Uncle Crowley. He was at my grandfather’s father’s Bar Mitzvah. We’re pretty sure he’s immortal, but we’re deliberately Not Asking about it and it’s been driving him crazy since 1903.”


HAHAH yes like it’s a combination of “Why would we ask? He never bothers anyone and he brings nice wine,” and “We’re trying to see how many generations he gets through before he finally cracks.” 

Probably with a hefty side order of “Sometimes he brings a friend who gets into THE BEST arguments about Torah.”