Ice planets? Boring.

Desert planets? Overdone.

Rainforest planets? Ugh!

It’s time for other kinds of single-biome planets to take the lead in science fiction. More representation of taiga planets, please! How about chaparral planets?

A planet of nothing but beaches… There’s no water or anything, but there are always shorebirds and you sometimes find beached sea life and somehow you can always hear and smell the ocean, even though it doesn’t exist.

Maybe the entire planet is covered in water, but only very, very shallowly, so that it’s like walking on the sand flats/swash forever and ever. it looks like a desert, but when you step on the surface, your foot sinks into the sand a few inches and your footprints fill with water. There are mole crabs and beach hoppers and kelp flies and blood worms, and parasitic sand fleas that will infect the skin of unwary travelers foolish enough to allow the soothing warmth of the wet sand to lull them to sleep, and somehow your sand castles always wash away…

It’s a commercially useless planet, but of great interest to ecologists and planetary geologists alike. Its uniform bleakness does not attract many tourists despite its unique biome.

Flamingo Homeworld

yeah it’s the soggy planet that flamingos come from

A planet that’s the same as the landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, complete with Joshua trees!

Joshua Tree National Park itself actually IS from Joshua Tree Planet – it was shorn off its homeworld by a meteorite strike and collided with Earth.

And it wants to go home.

In the Terran year 2344, astronomers in the United Stellar Alliance discovered a planet made entirely out of the hotly contested strips of no-man’s-land marking the property line between suburban yards. It was a miracle that such a world existed at all, let alone supported a teeming population of what scientists were forced to concede qualified as ‘intelligent’ life by galactic standards. The inhabitants of this unlikely planet were warlike and short-tempered, though conflicts between them seldom escalated beyond passive-aggressive grass mowing and performative shows of trespassing to brazenly tend to gardens on the other side of the property line.