I hope Avengers sometimes go to Strange like “I need your help” and he’s like “What’s wrong? Skrulls? Hydra?” and they’re like “I’m congested and it hurts when I swallow.”

You think they ever approach Vision in a similar manner to complain about how the wi-fi router keeps kicking them off the network?

Well, NOW I do.

Peter Parker calls Steve Rogers at midnight and he shows up at Aunt May’s in full uniform, shield at the ready. “You said something about Nazis? Let’s go.”

And Peter’s standing in the doorway in pajamas and like, pikachu slippers, and he’s like, “The AP history test is tomorrow. I need you to tell me everything you know.”

Ms. Marvel calls Natasha and Carol for help

‘What’s the problem?’


“You want help destroying the patriarchy?”


“Cool. We have a club, here’s your pin.”