so id like to tell you something, like, in the context of cryptid sightings

specifically, id like to tell you some things about cattle

  • they dont look like they move fast, but, in fact, they do. they move very fast, and theyre capable of doing so quietly
  • if a cow is black and has white spots, or if it is white and has black spots, both the white and black bits come together in the approximate shape of a cow
  • but in the dark, you cant see the black parts, and the white parts do NOT, form the approximate shape of a cow

what im saying is that i have at certain times been walking in the fields on a night with low visibility and i have, at certain times, seen an indistinct white shape zoom past me, and i am at least 95% sure it was a cow. and that if you see a white shape zoom past you in a field at night, it is also probably at least 95% of a cow


my name is cow
and wen its nite
and yu in fere
a cryptid site
be not afraide –
in mothmans sted
its only me

in serch of bred