The Signs as Strange Planets

Aries: Wasp 12 b ; Orbits WAY too close to its star making it slowly die.
Taurus: HD188753 ; Has 3 stars, everywhere you look there’s a sunset/rise.
Gemini: 55 Cancri e ; A gigantic diamond worth about 26.9 non million dollars.
Cancer: GJ 1214 b ; Completely made of water, no land.
Leo: Gliese 581 c ; Can possibly support life in a small area but 1 side is too hot and the other too cold.
Virgo: Kepler 438 b ; The most earth-like planet.
Libra: HD189773 b ; Rains glass sideways constantly.
Scorpio: TrEs 26 ; Darkest Planet ever, glows red.
Sagittarius: Wasp 17 b ; Largest Planet ever.
Capricorn: J1407-B ; Has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn’s.
Aquarius: Gliese 436 b ; A ball of ice that is constantly on fire.
Pisces: HD 106906 b ; The loneliest place et, 1.1 times bigger than Jupiter.