Tim Ferriss always seems to ask the best questions: What would this look like if it were easy? How will you know if you don’t experiment? What would less be like? The one that hit me the hardest, when I was maybe 25, was “What do you do with your money?” The answer was “Nothing, really.” Ok, so why try so hard to earn lots more of it?


I’m ready for #backtoschool …

Anyway, it turns out that my old school science overall was the best thing for bleaching and dyeing my hair in, but since spilling acid, random other chemicals and obvs hair bleach on yourself for 10 years made it start to uhhh start to disintegrate in the end – my actual science overall went in the bin a long time ago. Now nothing can stop my nefarious plans muah ha ha ha ha 🦹 https://instagr.am/p/CEeFK4tHOv5/