I know that it wasn’t as funny when it was written because it’s only funny because it’s such a well known book but I can’t help but lose it a bit at the phrase “your friend, DRACULA”



Concept: A series that starts off as an historical drama building towards some major event, like the assassination of Caesar or the crucifixion or something, where everyonein your audience knows what’s “supposed” to happen; and then it turns out in the first season finale that one of the characters is a time traveller on a mission to change history and they actually succeed, so it segues into a bizarre alternate history narrative in season 2.

And the hints are all there that this character is a time traveller from the first episode, but you don’t pay attention to them because you figure that it’s just the normal level of anachronism in historical dramas, like: “Wow, that person has surprisingly progressive views for the Victorian period” or “Ah, I don’t think they said ‘dude’ in the fourteenth century, lol.” And then they don’t know what they’re watching until it’s too late

Oh, I am HERE for this kind of shit

I love the opposite of this which is, in fact, the BBC Atlantis series where some madlad called Jason has a submarine accident and TIME TRAVELS back to Atlantis back in the day and then… they never mention that bit again.


when dealing with mosquitos do you:

  1. leave them alone and let them hang out around in ur room (normal)
  2. trap them with a cup and a sheet of paper and put them outside (mostly normal)
  3. slap them in the air or on your skin (sure)
  4. hit them while theyre on the wall or a piece of furniture so it leaves a stain (absolutely fucking deranged)

5. Air conditioning on arctic, light the mosquito coil.




hey im a couple years behind on the most cutting edge of lichen science, does anybody know if they’ve been able to create a genetically new lichen from known compatible lichen components in a lab yet or are the lads still getting away with it out there

Upon reading this post to my father who is a botanist heavily involved in lichen stuff: “Yes there have been a couple cases where the symbiote was created in a lab but it didn’t look natural. Pain in the ass to look up the paper right now though. Probably a cladonia lichen.”

“Yes there have been a couple cases where the symbiote was created in a lab but it didn’t look natural” absolutely terrifying lichen quote






corporate fae story where you are trapped when you eat their food (free lunch) send tweet

me getting trapped in the fae realm (corporate america) by eating the food (free lunch) and drinking their wine (coffee from the nice coffee machine)

I foolishly gave them my true name (my email) and they forced me to do their will (answer my email)

this explains alot about capitalism and the fae tbh

#arcane rules of politeness and hospitality that its unfathomable to break but still inflict incredible violence upon you?

you get it


also tumblr is the most rewarding place to do literary analysis because in academic papers you get peer recognition and approval but on tumblr you get gay people in the tags telling you they want to kiss you passionately with tongue because you recognize and understand themes and motifs