“Search him.”

The second time I watched tfa, this scene made me ask: does Poe know who Kylo Ren is? Does everyone in the Resistance know who he is? Is that what this is? like ‘I know your mom, I’m not afraid of you’? Because that’s exactly how I’d talk to this punk ass kid if that was the case.

I’m imagining members of the Resistance being captured by the First Order, and for months after Ben became Kylo Ren, they prefaced every interrogation/conversation with “CALL YOUR MOTHER, YOU PIECE SHIT,” or just heckling.

“Lightsabres aren’t supposed to sizzle like that! What a novice!”

“Oh my god, did you put two tiny sabres on either side of your actual lightsabre. Way to go, Captain Edgelord.”

“You don’t even need a respiratory mask, you hipster dumpster fire.”

“I didn’t realize we were in the presence of Darth Vader 2. Man, sequels are never as good as the original.”

“Nice cape, who picked that out for you, your mom? NO, SHE DIDN’T, BECAUSE I, POE DAMERON, AM HER SON NOW. BB-8 IS HER GRANDCHILD, AND YOU HAVE STUPID HAIR.”






As an occasional visitor to Star Wars fandom, here are some things I would like to see come out of Rogue One:

the fic about the reactions of the Empire’s IT and records management
departments when they learn that some trigger-happy general just
literally blew up an entire unique archival repository of key bureaucratic data
– the comic about the first time some maintenance
technician tries to repair something on the Death Star and the guy’s
like, ‘where’s the documentation?’ and their boss is like ‘um, well,
funny story about that….’
– the in-depth analysis about various
mistakes the Empire makes in the original trilogy and how they operate
in context of an organization that has just, I repeat, LITERALLY BLOWN UP ALL OF
THEIR OWN BACKUP DATA. Of course it’s easy for any random hero to

Rogue One, or, Why All The Empire’s Librarians and Archivists Joined the Rebellion

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Rogue 2 plot summary: a bunch of Imperial waste management techs go AWOL and steal the Death Star plans back from the Rebels because how else are we supposed to get the dianoga out of the pipes when we have literally no idea where half of these ducts go or what they’re for

they complete their mission but in the end decide not to delete the plans from the main Alliance computers after they’ve made their copy because ehhhhh what if we never had to fix anything on that piece of shit again, what if that, it’s insured right?

This also explains why none of the bridges or giant pits in the floor have railings: literally no one knows if they’re supposed to be there or not, and once someone tried to drill into the floor to install some and destroyed the main air circulation wiring for half the station, now everyone just has to be real careful all the time

It also means that when they built the second Death Star in ROTJ they had to start entirely from scratch, yikes

Me going into 2017 like:


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I wanted to make my character more natural and realistic. Although people expect the tone of the film to be fantasy, it actually is quite the contrary. It’s an intimate story that feels real. I think of all the Star Wars films released so far, Rogue One is the most real one, which is about the people. The characters are very similar to us. They are heroes with no powers. What they have is a conviction and desire to change reality — Diego Luna discusses his role as Captain Cassian Andor.