The Official Jedi view on politics is that they try not to interfere and do not trust politicians, but if they are running out of options on how to settle an issue they will tell Padme Amidala what is going on and just unleash her onto their problems



imagine being a low ranking imperial and you only ever see thrawn over holo. and then one day you meet him in person and it turns out he’s ACTUALLY fucking blue. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

😂😂😂 That’s a fantastic point thank you for bringing that up




luke takes grogu home to his temple and han comes home from a long day of doing trophy husband things and sees the cutest, must fucked up looking little green thing just sitting at their dinner table and luke explains that he is a member of yoda’s species and han nearly has a conniption because luke never told him he was an alien and he always thought yoda was just some guy

luke: yeah, no, yoda was like 3 feet tall.

han, who had spent the last like 6 years thinking luke did parkour in the jungle carrying a full grown man on his back:

Chewie, who knew Yoda in person but found it too funny to correct Han at any point of those like 6 years, and is now watching this unfold: