The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, and British Prime Minister Theresa May meet for negotiations and …what is going on there?

In order to leave the European Union the Prime Minister must first do battle with a champion nominated by each member state

Michelin guide recognizes Singapore hawkers

Michelin guide recognizes Singapore hawkers



Culinary bible Michelin on Thursday, July 21, awarded one star each
to two street food hawkers in Singapore, the first in the guide’s

Launching the inaugural restaurant and hotel guide to the Southeast
Asian city-state, Michelin inspectors gave one star each to Hill Street
Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle.

“For the first time, you would be able to have a Michelin-starred
meal for under Sg$5 ($3.70),” said Michael Ellis, international director
of the Michelin guides. (…)”

Congratulations to them! This is amazing and a huge step forward for food culture, that the Michelin guide is willing to recognize and recommend chefs who don’t have white-tablecloth service and a tony address behind them. Not to mention a wonderful compliment for the chefs!

This is the fantasy I was envisioning when I had Steve win a Michelin star for War On Hunger. 😀 

mmmm chicken rice

The Signs as Strange Planets

Aries: Wasp 12 b ; Orbits WAY too close to its star making it slowly die.
Taurus: HD188753 ; Has 3 stars, everywhere you look there’s a sunset/rise.
Gemini: 55 Cancri e ; A gigantic diamond worth about 26.9 non million dollars.
Cancer: GJ 1214 b ; Completely made of water, no land.
Leo: Gliese 581 c ; Can possibly support life in a small area but 1 side is too hot and the other too cold.
Virgo: Kepler 438 b ; The most earth-like planet.
Libra: HD189773 b ; Rains glass sideways constantly.
Scorpio: TrEs 26 ; Darkest Planet ever, glows red.
Sagittarius: Wasp 17 b ; Largest Planet ever.
Capricorn: J1407-B ; Has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn’s.
Aquarius: Gliese 436 b ; A ball of ice that is constantly on fire.
Pisces: HD 106906 b ; The loneliest place et, 1.1 times bigger than Jupiter.


the au we all truly deserve is the au where revered badass jedi master shmi skywalker has to somehow explain to the council that she hasn’t broken the code, yes master windu I am aware of how human children happen, yes I know there’s a belly monster growing in me that’s making me crave chandrilan jabanero pepper balls and forcing me to pee every half hour it’d be pretty impressive if I DIDN’T know, however the fact still stands I did not break the code