replied to your photo “my mom thinks baking powder is called baking power but ultimately is…”

one (1) verdura

my mother: don’t go to the supermarket and buy random shit, just buy exactly what’s on the list

the list: 

  • vegetal
  • an fruit (?) 
  • meat, maybe?

This is exactly what my mum’s lists are like, only she puts “vegetables (NOT BROCCOLI” because I LOVE BROCCOLI and it’s good for her and when I look at the veg in the shop, I see the salad and go “that’s not veg” and I see things like onions and peppers and that and go “those are lies” and then I see broccoli and 😀

Of course now that all of our grocery shopping is online, I whatsapp her from inside the house with a photo of her list going WHAT IS THIS??!?!?!??!?!?!

(Cannot whatsapp from the supermarket, do not have smartphone)