Woah. Timothy Zahn, are you me?

I often hear the argument that having major characters die is more
realistic than having them always come through unscathed. Of course it
is. But I personally don’t want my fiction to necessarily be “realistic”
– I want my fiction to be entertaining. For me, that means watching
engaging characters I care about get into and out of dangerous
predicaments, working and thinking together in order to defeat the bad
guys. While some authors (and readers) like the tension of wondering who
will live and who will die, I prefer the tension of seeing how the
heroes are going to think or work their ways out of each difficult or
impossible situation they find themselves in. If I want realism and the
deaths of people I care about, I can turn on the news.

–Timothy Zahn, interviewed by TheForce.Net, 2008

Tim Zahn just summed up my entire issue with adult movies and fiction

I do not want to get invested in a character just to have them die or be violated or whatever, I don’t care that it’s dramatic. It’s not fun, it just leaves me angry and frustrated that I wasted my time on this media.

Oh that’s GOOD. 









This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom

Always hang your cat up to dry after a bath.



the cat is just like, “this may have been, in some form or fashion, something resembling a mistake”


@copperbadge look! 2 of your favourite things! Puns about Cats. I’m imagining Polk up there… with Deebs staring, transfixed. Alternately, Deebs is plotting how to knock Polk into the bath.

This is 100% going to happen to one of them sooner or later – both of them like to get on top of the folding door next to the shower curtain and put their front paws on the rod to peer in at me. And when they do I will think of Non Mewtonian and I will lol. 



London has an annual conference for things that are really boring. The Boring Conference celebrates subjects that are considered mundane, ordinary, trivial, or pointless, but when examined more closely can be deeply fascinating. In the past, speakers have discussed sneezing, toast, vending machine sounds, the features of the Yamaha PSR-175 Portatune keyboard, and the Comic Sans font. 

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I feel like my dissertation on canned food could be a pretty good paper for the Boring Conference. 

I think some of my friends have been to this conference. Hmm