The Department of Extraordinary Upcycling is celebrating the new year by enjoying these shiny metal birbs created by South-Carolina based artist Matt Wilson using old silverware and pieces of driftwood or old lumber.

To look at spoons and forks in the silverware drawer, you wouldn’t think they were particularly birdlike, but Wilson’s silverware birbs feel so lifelike, it’s as though we’ve been using our silverware wrong all this time until he came along figured out just what to do.


Follow Matt Wilson on Instagram to keep up with his latest works of upcycled metal sculpture, some of which he puts up for sale in his Etsy shop.

[via Colossal and My Modern Met]


Because I’m extremely tired of people dismissing the women of LotR, here’s a quick summary.


Rebelled against the Valar and decided to stay in Middle-earth, desiring to build a kingdom and rule over it. She was one of the few to distrust Annatar and later used the ring Nenya to protect and preserve her people, later throwing down the walls of Dol Guldur herself alongside Thranduil and his folk. She was notoriously prideful and ambitious, but a kind ruler all the same.


Niece of Theoden, she guarded Meduseld until the king’s return and upon being refused to ride alongside the men to battle, Eowyn disguised herself as a man and fought at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. There, she challenged the Witch-king and defended the mortally wounded Theoden, slaying the Lord of the Nazgul and fulfilling an ancient prophecy issued by Glorfindel himself at the Battle of Fornost near an age ago.


The daughter of Elrond, she promised herself to Aragorn, a mortal man, and wove him a banner which he then used as his sigil throughout the War of the Ring. Arwen made the choice to stay in Middle-earth in order to be with Aragorn, not sailing West with her father and kindred, and in turn deciding to die a mortal death. 


Terra nut souffle

The dessert scene from “Riddles.”  I love the way Janeway kind of falls on Harry’s shoulder in reaction to taking a bite of Tuvok’s creation.   

Garrett says he and Robbie McNeill used to play a game where they threw their combadges at each other, trying to get them to stick.  (They were attached to the uniforms with Velcro.)  One day Kate Mulgrew joined in.  She made one throw, and stuck the combadge on the first try.  She then said “I’m the Captain,” and walked away.