“Should I go for the sweet spot? Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down – the abdominal aorta? What a gusher…how do I get eyes like that?”

“You gotta kill a few people.”

“Did that. Did a lot of that.”

“And then you gotta get sent to a slam -”

“One where they tell you you’ll never see daylight again? Only there wasn’t any doctor here who could shine my eyes, not even for twenty menthol kools. Is there anything you said that was true? What are you gonna do, huh? Go for the sweet spot?”

“Remember who you’re talking to, Jack.”

“Jack’s dead. She was weak. She couldn’t cut it. The name’s Kyra now, and I’m a new animal.”

Kyra | Richard B. Riddick | The Chronicles of Riddick



“I would eat his heart in the marketplace” is legit the most savage line I have ever heard, I’d like to personally thank Shakespeare for putting into words that feeling of rage and protectiveness women get when some fuckboy hurts another woman

Okay first off, I will always reblog this post, but secondly, I went to Shakespeare in the Park tonight to see this and all the women cheered *so loudly* when Beatrice said this line, and the guy in front of me looked around all shocked and a little scared and said “… oh wow” and it was ICONIQUE