He said to himself, that he hated Margaret, but a wild, sharp sensation of love cleft his dull, thunderous feeling like lightning, even as he shaped the words expressive of hatred. His greatest comfort was in hugging his torment; and in feeling, as he had indeed said to her, that though she might despise him, contemn him, treat him with her proud sovereign indifference, he did not change one whit. She could not make him change. He loved her, and would love her; and defy her, and this miserable bodily pain.

North and South, Chapter 26.

Clowns Versus Mimes






who will win

Mimes. The mimes will trap the clowns in an invisible box. How will the clowns get out? They can’t.

I think clowns have a sort of inherent agility that will prevent them from being put in any situation where they’re vulnerable to being put in an invisible box. Mimes do have a greater variety of weapons available to them and can restore health by pretending to drink a drink

worth mentioning that mimes are unable to act unless they signal their actions through body language. in this sense, clowns are capable of a type of deception that mimes simply cannot replicate. the clowns limited toolset cannot be used much on its own, but if they unlocked enough recepies in their skilltree, they can be deadly

Another thing to keep in mind is that clowns are, from all indication, infinitely compressible (as exemplified by clown cars). The question is how exactly this will come into play in mime on clown combat.



amir khusrow (1253–1325 CE)

lmao i’m so happy and surprised to see how this thing blew up. this style of poetry is actually an entire genre in hindavi literature. it is a type of folk poetry called kah mukarni, and it involves two playful female speakers seemingly speaking about their lovers and ending in a wordplay. they’re very earthy-sounding in their folk performances, and they are traditionally sung by women. here’s another one by khusrow that i like:


p.s. these are all from sunil sharma’s translations (which is prob as good as it gets in translation)







A vertical forest is expected to be completed this year in Milan. There are two tower apartment complexes which contain a total of 400 residential units. The facade of the buildings will be covered with 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs, and 11,000 perennial plants. It is expected to have the same ecological impact as 10,000 square meters of forest.

Aside from fighting smog and producing oxygen, the foliage is expected to provide insulation to the residential units.

It’ll be really cool to see how these trees grow in order to maximize access to sun, water, and nutrients. Also, a step towards a sci-fi solar punk future – I’m in.

I sure hope the structural engineers planned for the buildings to increase in mass as the trees grow.

Well, or else for maintenance labor to keep the trees rigorously trimmed to prevent too much increase in mass.  Or both?  (The wikipedia article says the engineering team consulted botanists and horticulturists in planning how much weight the buildings could bear, so it seems likely that the fact that trees grow would have come up.)

This is a pretty cool idea regardless and I hope they get it right.  I wonder if anyone will do anything like this in New York.

This falls in the “I really hope they do it but I’ll believe it when I see it” category for me.

It’s been up for 2 years, inaugurated in October 2014, and still going strong. It’s won multiple awards. 

Here they are building it.

Bosco Gardeners hang around outside the building.

Change of Seasons…

And a view from the place itself. 


is there a smell comparable to space ? i assume we dont know because we would die if we tried to smell it but thats so cool


yeah if humans tried to smell space just like that, we’d die, no doubt about it 

but the smell of space lingers on spacewalk suits, and docking hatches when astronauts open them!

apparently, space itself smells like burning hot metal, or a hot barbeque grill with a slight hint of spent gasoline. The moon, apparently, smells like a gun after its been shot!

The coolest thing about it all is that the smell is actually what are left of dying stars- it’s literally the smell of stardust, and the particles smell like that because they’re so rich in hydrocarbons- something so very essential to life, and speculated by a lot of astronomers and astrobiologists and such to be the very thing life on earth started from!

another neat fact is that no two solar systems smell the same- ours smells like that because our solar system in particular is extremely rich in carbon, and other solar systems and places in the universe will have extremely different smells depending on what elements are most abundant in their system!