Do you ever start bullshitting a paper, and then look over it halfway through and think, ’…Wait a minute, I could be onto something here.’

this is the definition of college.

Literally I was writing a paper on Asian salt water crocodiles, like a simple about them paper for a college class, and I started noticing some inconsistencies in the scientific papers I was sourcing and I accidentally discovered that the crocodile has been misdiagnosed as least concerned on the endangered species list when they should be classified as endangered and now my professor is having me write a formal report to the international Red List to have them reclassified and all I wanted to do was write this paper on an animal I thought was cool and now I’m considered an expert on this species…

this is how it works half of esteemed biologists trip and fall into their specialty while pursuing something else. one lecturer i just went to started as a biochemist researching antibiotics and discovered that crocodiles change colors based on environment and now he has 30+ crocs in his yard for research purposes and he’s just like… “wait… i’m a chemist…”

How did so many people end up with crocodiles on accident?????

Accidental crocodiles lol

Crocodiles are conspiring to become the third domesticated predator

It’s in that prophecy. “After a while: crocodile.”


Chris Evans in the opening night performance of Lobby Hero. March 26, 2018.

This thing that mostly strikes me about Chris Evans in all this lobby hero stuff is that he is SO WHITE like ghostly and yeah this is a thing I was already aware of but it is like you can really tell how the Cap makeup people were making him look like he goes out in the sun once in a while






Cream Cheese Pickle.

No, it is not a sandwich.

But its a food thing between two identical food things and its the right shape essentially.


Well, let’s remember that my definition of sandwich is “An adjective used to differentiate foodstuffs, applied only when necessary”. IE, a taco does not need to be CALLED a sandwich whether it is one or not, because it is already fully identified as a taco, whereas a turkey sandwich requires differentiation from “a turkey”. 

By that measure, this perhaps should be a sandwich, because “cream cheese pickle” could be construed as pickled cream cheese otherwise. (Indeed, when I saw “cream cheese pickle” in the text before opening the post, I thought it would be some form of sandwich spread involving pickles and cream cheese.) It clearly is one object “sandwiched” between two others, and it would help to differentiate this foodstuff from a cream-cheese-pickle spread or “pickled” cream cheese. I don’t think you could actually pickle cream cheese, but now I’d like to find out.

So I’m going to have to disagree with @isitasandwich on this one, but I respect their work and their mission and I salute their efforts to identify, once and for all, what is and is not a sandwich. Godspeed, isitasandwich, long may you reign.


“I had a grilled cheese for lunch” unambiguously identifies what you ate and is perfectly common usage of language, and yet few people of honest means would deny that grilled cheese is a form of sandwich and that grilled cheese sandwich is also valid speech.

Citation for people saying “grilled cheese” without adding sandwich: the first sentence of this video

But that proves my point – while we CAN say Grilled Cheese Sandwich, we don’t NEED TO say “sandwich” because there is no other foodstuff to which “grilled cheese” commonly applies*. Sandwich remains an optional adjective applicable to the grilled cheese but not required.

Thus my assertion that “sandwich” is not a noun. You’re still thinking about how to classify something as “a sandwich” or “not a sandwich” when sandwich is an adjective applied only in cases of necessity; it should be “needs sandwich” or “doesn’t need sandwich”. 

Though admittedly I could have clarified that in my post; I should have said not that it IS a sandwich but that it is a foodstuff requiring the application of the WORD sandwich in order to be properly identified. I will cop to that being my bad.

* Although Haloumi is grilled or griddled cheese, it is more commonly simply referred to as Haloumi, and therefore this is an important but minor exception to the rule. 

this whole grilled cheese sandwich thing fascinates me because I was pretty much expecting just the grilled cheese and no bread because cheese and bread under a grill is welsh rarebit UNLESS I guess this is a thing with two slices of bread rather than just the one?

I want grilled cheese now (not the kind with bread)






I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA variant cover by Gerald Parel (2011)


@twistedingenue I feel you might appreciate this.

This was sort of my mental image of Steve in let fulfillment fuel the fire.

because yes. wow. very hot. so midwestern.

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