“The modern world cannot understand him, and the incomprehension is mutual. He is literally strange, but, more than this, he is stateless, off the grid, without identity, and therefore written out of modernity. He is a refugee from the past, without family, nation, or friends, an orphan.” Remaking History: The past in contemporary historical fictions – Jerome De Groot


I: [Seb], you have some nicknames in China…

OR, the one where Chris loses his shit over Seb being called a “chubby dumpling”

Sidenote: I think…there was a mistranslation somewhere because in Chinese it’s just “dumpling” or rather “steamed bun” and fans have been known to call him the “winter dumpling” since he’s the Winter Soldier (sorry a helpful anon reminded me that “winter dumpling” is actually what Seb named his Chinese fans, yes I do recall that now), but I hadn’t heard anyone say “chubby dumpling” until Seb says it here. I’m sure now it’s going to be his new nickname permanently, so Seb you have no one to thank but yourself.