No one on this planet knew him then. No one is left. He doesn’t have any peace with his youth. He doesn’t have any peace from his life, so Bucky and whatever happens with Bucky in this movie…That’s a big piece in terms of him kind of finding his own purpose in what he’s fighting for and how that friendship can come back to life. Not just as them as soldiers, but them as friends.

Chris Evans talking about Steve and Bucky’s relationship.
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Decades of Scientific Research May Be Ruined Because Mice Are Afraid of Men

Decades of Scientific Research May Be Ruined Because Mice Are Afraid of Men




Mice are crucial part of lab research. Everything from their cells and their behavior are dissected in the name of science. Some of the biggest medical breakthroughs owe thanks to mice, but all that may come into question due to a shocking new discovery that threatens to blow apart decades of research.

Mice are more scared of male researchers than of female ones.

It sounds almost too comical to be true, but a new study published in the journal Nature Methods argues that mice’s aversion to men is all too real — and it may have had incalculable impact on past research.

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This is why men shouldn’t do science.