#it’s strange to thing back and realise this incredibly charged scene was their introduction #no flash backs #no explanations #no descriptions #no ‘well as you know’ exposition #it’s just 2 very very subtle actors with decade of experience and a very spare very short scene #but you KNOW #you KNOW IMMEDIATELY #you know a) these two have oceans of history between them #b) they hold diametrically opposed viewpoints #c) they have probably tried to kill each other at some point #d) they retain enough loyalty to an earlier version of their friendship that they talk amiably about that fact #e) you know shits going to hit the fan as a result of their opposition but you know they cannot do otherwise #and f) they both regret it in a way #THISE SCENE GOES FOR ABOUT 25 SECONDS #you get a cast iron sense of their dynamic with no backstory AT ALL (harrietvane)

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