a dragon finds a clutch of goose eggs and attempts to hatch them

“Brave heroes, please help us for our town is being terrorised. A great evil has fallen upon us, descending from the yonder dragon’s cave in the mountain”
“So you’re being attacked by a dragon? Pardon me but I see no sign of fire damage”
“Well, you see, it’s not the dragon that’s the problem…”

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#the dragon and the town are actually relatively amicable  #the dragon eats a few sheep a month  #and the last warlord who tried to put the place to the sword got roasted alive because excuse me those are my sheep farmers  #however the Dragon’s Children are another matter  #in this the dragon is not an intelligent creature per se but it can understand that the people maintain the delicious wooly things  #and should not be killed  #it’s a sort of symbiotic association  #its goose children terrorising the village though is Not Its Business

Clearly this is the origin story of the Goose from Untitled Goose Game

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