John Rogers, co-creator + executive producer: “Look, if we told you Eliot’s entire timeline or Nate’s entire timeline, you wouldn’t be able to have then have enough flexibility to fold that timeline in with Supernatural in your fanfics because they’d be no space for that. The space we leave is the space for you to write your slash! That’s super important for us to do! We do that for you, people! The fans appreciate the empty space we leave so you can write your Buffy, Supernatural, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Leverage crossovers.”

Geoffrey Thorne, co-producer + writer of this episode: “But don’t do any Doctor Who ones because…”

John: “You’re writing those.”

Geoffrey: “Just don’t do it.”

Chris Downey, co-creator + executive producer: “You’ve staked those out?”

John: “He’s staked those out.”

Leverage 10 Podcast: 512 The White Rabbit Job

*Kung Fu Monkey blog: LEVERAGE #205 “The Three Days of the Hunter Job” Post-game (August 24, 2009) for the original “I think fanfic is the sign of a healthy show” short essay