The inherent fucking racism/xenophobia in the “Save Christmas” rhetoric????? They imposed lockdowns twice right before Eid, countless Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and more holidays went by in lockdown and now that its Christmas it’s somehow more important? People out there telling all of us that our holidays and religions don’t matter and we have to step up for society (which we did btw) are now going “oh no not Christmas whatever will we do??” Now that it’s YOUR holiday you finally pay attention? Fuck off. We could have been careful and ended this months ago but y’all decided to play around until it came to Christmas. The government deciding to not give a shit about Eid but decide to “protect Christmas” tells you everything you need to know.

On Rosh Hashannah it is an OBLIGATION, not a tradition, but an OBLIGATION to pray in groups of ten or more. Any other year, we must pray in person because the use of electricity is not permitted on our holy days.

I had my Rosh Hashannah alone, in my basement, through streaming. It was the first and only time my cat has gone to synagogue with me.

Christians can fucking deal like everybody else

Like, if I had to pick a religious celebration to die/kill people at, I think I would have picked the Easter Triduum because you get a lot of great songs in Latin about death round ours but I guess we don’t tend to spend the same kind of money for it.