Pure Morning // Top of the Pops, 1998

Not to be simultaneously dramatic and old on main, but this band changed my whole adolescence.

huge, HUGE same. i remember watching the video for this when it dropped in the states and i was on the floor sobbing by the end.

i joined (REALLY showing my age, here) and made friends with everyone in there and most of us are still very close friends. can’t imagine life without the ampers in it. (a.m.p. – amp, ampers.)

i got to see them live for the first and probably only time back in 2017. i was in london and went to the concert with one of the ampers. i sobbed through pure morning because it was so overwhelming to see that song, live, in london, with someone i’d known and loved for twenty years because of that song. (@herdivineshadow it was shanu and his lovely claire.)

gonna go put this album on repeat and have some feels.

Like everyone seemed to say “oh the friends you make in secondary school are the ones you have for life” or the ones at university and like NO.

The friends you make on Usenet are the ones.