Bajorans: we are very curious about why you have exiled the sub-species with the large extremities to the woods?

Humans: I’m sorry, what?

Bajorans: the hairy people with the big feet?

Humans: ?!


Klingon ambassador: “We have noticed your Starfleet has no officers who are Qongbogh chalDaq tlha’ Dat loD. Why would you not recruit such fine and obviously powerful members of your population?”

Terran ambassador: “I’m sorry, what? The translator isn’t catching that phrase.”

Klingon ambassador: “Your Qongbogh chalDaq tlha’ Dat loD. You know, the ones who change with your lunar cycles.”

Terran ambassador’s assistant: “Qongbogh chalDaq tlha’ Dat loD? The…wolf men?”


Vulcans: Our scientists have questions about the small nocturnal portion of your population that drinks blood and appears virtually immortal. Is there a name for this sub-species?


Loving the idea of earth cryptids/folklore monsters being real only the humans have no idea until after first contact.

Humans: THE WHAT?!?!?

Terran ambassador: “THE WHAT?”

Bajorans: Homo erectus… sasquatchii?

Backround human cadet, wearing mothman boxers under their uniform: I fucking KNEW IT


That cadet is literally me 😂😂😂